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Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


Incredibly efficient 1:1 drain ratio. High 400 GPD water flow rate. NSF 58 & 372 certified compact tankless reverse osmosis system that uses 7-stage filtration to effectively remove over 1000 water contaminants. Backed by 1 year manufacture warranty.

Waterdrop G3 Features

  • NFS / ANSI 58 & 372 certified reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Space saving tankless design.
  • 400 Gallons Per Day flow rate.
  • Real time smart TDS monitoring panel display.
  • LED indicator smart faucet that monitors filter condition.
  • 7-Stage filtration design.
  • Accessible and easy to replace filters.
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly 1:1 drain ratio.
  • Automatic flushing and Holiday mode.
  • Aesthetically pleasing sleek design.
  • Built-in leakage protector.

Easy Installation

Model No. WD-G3-W
Dimension 18.06" x 5.68" x 17.76" (L x W x H)
Weight 15.44 lbs
Flow Rate 0.27 gallons per minute, 16.2 gallons per hour, 400 gallons per day
Color White BPA Plastic
Power Cord 90 inches
Included Components

-System cover

-Brushed Nickel smart faucet

-60 inch PE pipes (X3)


-Drain saddle

-Lock clips

-90" Main power cable

-59" Faucet power cable

-CF Filter Pre-sediment filter

-RO Filter Reverse osmosis filter

-CB Filter Post Carbon block filter

NSF/ANSI certification

Q. How often do the filters need to be replaced?
CF Filter - 6 months or after approximately 550 gallons.
RO Filter - 24 months or approximately 2,200 gallons.
CB Filter - 12 months or approximately  1,100 gallons.
Q. How do I know it is time to replace the filters?
A. There is a display panel on the unit that will alert when it is time to replace the respective filters. The system features a color changing LED smart faucet that monitors the condition of the filters.
Q. Will this system remove Fluoride?
A. Yes. The system removes 99 percent of known water contaminants including; Fluoride, Lead, VOCs, Arsenic, Cadmium etc.
Q. Can I use the G3 to filter well water?
A. Well water is not a recommended source for the system.
Q. Does the system produce waste water?
A. All reverse osmosis systems produce waste water. Waterdrop G3 has a drain ratio of 1:1. This means that it is only 1 gallon is wasted to produce 1 gallon of filtered water. This means that the G3 is actually 300 percent more efficient than most reverse osmosis systems with the typical 1:4 drain ratio.
Q. What does reverse osmosis drain ratio mean?
A. For every gallon of water that is purified by reverse osmosis, there a certain amount of waste water is produced. A typical reverse osmosis system, will waste about 4 gallons of water for every gallon of purified water, or a 1:4 drain ratio.
At 1:1 ratio, the Waterdrop G3 reverse osmosis system is efficient as it only wastes about 1 gallon of water for every gallon of purified water.
Q. What amount of space and clearance is needed under the sink?
A. The system does not require too much space at it is compact and tankless. It's dimensions are 18.25" D x 5.7" W x 17.8" H. Please ensure a 1 inch gap between the system and the cabinet sides.
Q. Is the Waterdrop G3 NSF certified?
A. Yes the Waterdrop G3 is NSF / ANSI 58 & 372 certified.
Q. Does the system use a 1/4" or 3/8" water line hose?
A. Inlet tubing: 3/8"
    Outlet tubing: 1/4"
    Feed water adapter: Compatible with 3/8" & 1/2" water line.
Q. Is the system BPA free?
A. Yes.
Q. What is the operating water pressure for the system?
A. The operating water inlet pressure range for the system is 14.5- 87psi.
Q. What size hole do I need to drill to install the faucet?
A. A 1 inch hole is recommended.
Q. Is the system noisy to operate?
A. The system operates around 65db.
Q. Does the system come with warranty?
A. Yes. The system is covered with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Space Saving Tankless Design

With a width of just 5.7 inches, Waterdrop's compact tankless design occupies up to 50% less space under your counter when compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems with tanks.

High Flow Rate of 400 GPD

The G3 reverse osmosis system iscapable of purifying 1 liter of water in 1 minute. Significantly faster than traditional RO systems This means that you can enjoy a clean glass of water in as little as 12 seconds.

With a 1:1 drain ratio, The Waterdrop G3 filter is as efficient as it is fast. Meaning for every 1 gallon of water purified, only 1 gallon is wasted. Compared to the 4:1 drain ratio used by most RO systems where 4 gallons are wasted for every gallon filtered.

NSF/ANSI 58 & 372 Certified

Waterdrop reverse osmosis system features a NSF / ANSI 58 & 372 certified reverse osmosis membrane.

With a pore diameter of 0.0001micrometers The RO membrane has been tested to reduce TDS's by 94%.

The G3 reverse osmosis system is BPA free, Lead free and has also passed over 400 chemical lab tests.

Smart Design

The Waterdrop G3 is equipped with smart design features that make operating the system efficient as well as convenient.

Smart faucet with color changing LED displaying the current state of filter life.

Automatic flushing capability. Flushing is initiated automatically after 2 hours of cumulative operation to maintain and extend life expectancy of filters.

Real time TDS level monitoring and display panel.

Waterdrop G3 also features Holiday mode that automatically flushes the system when no water has been dispensed in a period of 24 hours to ensure that every glass of water is fresh.

Superior 7-Stage Filtration

CF Filter - 2 Pre-sediment layers & 1 Carbon block layer.

RO Filter - 3 Layer DOW® Reverse osmosis membrane.

CB Filter - 1 layer of Post-activated Carbon block layer.

Easy Installation & Quick Filter Replacement

The G3 comes with step by step installation guide, and installation can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Conveniently placed in the front of the unit, the snap on filters make replacing the filters effortless.