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AquaCera Excursion Mini Gravity Filter



This is the smallest of the Gravity water filter systems offered by AquaCera. It is less than 12 inches tall, with a diameter of less than 5 " and a capacity of 3/4 gallons or 3 liters meaning this is great on the go water filter system that will fit almost anywhere.

The system is very simple to use, comes with a carrying bag, and the bottom chamber doubles as a cup.

  • Assembled - 11.75" Tall
  • Collapsed - 8.75" Tall
  • Diameter - 4.5"

Filter Cartridge Selection

Ceramic filters offer 0.9 micron absolute filtration trapping particles outside the filter. They offer Cyst and bacteria protection with Nano-Tech. CeraPlus adds granular coconut shell carbon to the core of the ceramic element to help reduce unwanted tastes and odors. CeraMetix filters offer the broadest range of contaminant reduction including fluoride, chloramines and metals.

QuickDrip elements offer the only true pour-through gravity block filter with no priming required. These are high flow, high capacity filters meant to filter municipal water. Chemix GB filters offer reduction in chlorine, lead, mercury and VOC's. AquaMetix GB filters offer chloramine, chlorine, fluoride and metal reduction.

* For the broadest range of contaminant removal; we suggest selecting the CeraMetix filter.
*AquaCera does not use activated alumina in any of our products.