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FS10 under counter replacement filter

FS10 Under Counter Replacement Filter



FS10 ProMax FULL SPECTRUM is ProOne's most advanced water filter element. It features a high efficiency encapsulated multi-stage water filter technology.

FS10 Replacement Filter includes:

  • • Electro absorptive non-woven technology which removes a wide range of submicron particulates, pathogens, trace pharmaceuticals and cellular debris using its naturally occurring electro-positive charge

  • • Multiple stages comprised of infused micro-structure water filtration media in tandem, each stage comprised of a unique proprietary formula engineered to target a specific group of contaminants

  • • Catalytic GAC (granular activated carbon) with enhanced carbon media to help improve taste, odor and performance in contaminant removal

The FS10 FULL SPECTRUM™ filter is engineered for unsurpassed performance and maximum contaminant reduction. Independent lab reports show the ProMax FULL SPECTRUM reduces/removes a broad range of over 220 contaminants including VOC’s, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVC’s, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS and micro-organisms. Helps improve taste and odor. it contains no resins or beads.