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AquaCera NilusOne InLine System



NilusOne is an under-counter in-line pressure filter system that utilizes high flow filter cartridges. The system is easy to install and comes with a DIY installation kit that includes parts needed for installation which include; a faucet, tubing, mounting bracket & screws, and fittings. This System is design to use operate on AquaCera's imperial line on filter cartridges.

Filter Cartridge Selection

  • Imperial CeraUltra OBE filter
  • Imperial CeraMetix OBE filter
  • Imperial AquaMetix OBE filter
*Imperial filters are 2.75" in diameter and offer higher flow rates and longer life than the Slimline filters
*OBE - Open on both ends

* For the broadest range of contaminant removal; we suggest selecting the CeraMetix filter.