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AquaCera NilusTwo InLine System



NilusTwo is an under-counter two stage in-line pressure filter system that utilizes AquaCera's high flow imperial filter cartridges. The first stage filter removes sediment and the easier to remove chemical compounds, allowing the second stage to focus on removing the more difficult contaminants.The system is easy to install and comes with a DIY installation kit that includes parts needed for installation. which include; a faucet, tubing, mounting bracket & screws, and fittings.


11"W x 6"D x 14"H

Filter Cartridge Selection

  • Imperial CeraUltra OBE filter
  • Imperial CeraMetix OBE filter
  • Imperial AquaMetix OBE filter
*Imperial filters are 2.75" in diameter and offer higher flow rates and longer life than the Slimline filters
*OBE - Open on both ends

* For the broadest range of contaminant removal; we suggest selecting the CeraMetix filter.